Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

About a month before Halloween the girls and I started talking about a few different things the girls could dress up for for Halloween. We went over just about everything but a Disney Princess. Don't get me wrong! I love Disney, and I love the princesses, but, at least from where I sit, dressing up in a princess dress is not dressing up. Because some days that is all I can get them to wear. When your "everyday" outfit is a princess dress it doesn't really count as dressing up. Now does it?

Luckily about a week before Halloween we finally decided . . . Pepper was going to be a pirate and Izzy was going to be a witch. I had most everything we needed to complete those outfits, so even better. However, Halloween day came and wouldn't you know it, that was not what Pepper wanted to be. I also found out that being a witch was too scary! Great! What was I going to do now? 

Well, with the help of my mom and a few old costume boxes she still has we were able to find a few outfits that everyone could agree to.

Pepper was a Cowboy or girl and Izzy was an Indian

They really were cute! Kinda glad they didn't want to be the original ideas. 

 Jax was a pee in a pod.

The night really was nice and we ended up getting a lot more candy than I thought we would because we only went up and down one street. But I guess when you are as cute as my kids, that is just what you get.

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