Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

About a month before Halloween the girls and I started talking about a few different things the girls could dress up for for Halloween. We went over just about everything but a Disney Princess. Don't get me wrong! I love Disney, and I love the princesses, but, at least from where I sit, dressing up in a princess dress is not dressing up. Because some days that is all I can get them to wear. When your "everyday" outfit is a princess dress it doesn't really count as dressing up. Now does it?

Luckily about a week before Halloween we finally decided . . . Pepper was going to be a pirate and Izzy was going to be a witch. I had most everything we needed to complete those outfits, so even better. However, Halloween day came and wouldn't you know it, that was not what Pepper wanted to be. I also found out that being a witch was too scary! Great! What was I going to do now? 

Well, with the help of my mom and a few old costume boxes she still has we were able to find a few outfits that everyone could agree to.

Pepper was a Cowboy or girl and Izzy was an Indian

They really were cute! Kinda glad they didn't want to be the original ideas. 

 Jax was a pee in a pod.

The night really was nice and we ended up getting a lot more candy than I thought we would because we only went up and down one street. But I guess when you are as cute as my kids, that is just what you get.

Monday, November 10, 2014

It's only been forever!

Ya, I'm not the best blogger, I know.
And it always seems the busier your life gets the more you have to blog about, but the less time you have to blog. Oh, well. At least I can say I blogged today.

So, what has happened in my life since last blog?

Well, I had this little guy.

Meet Jax Ninian Whittaker.

First off, I don't care how great you think your kids are, this boy takes the cake. Easiest labor ever, loves to just hang out (in your arms, on the couch, in his bed, he doesn't care), never had to learn how to be breast-fed, and here's the kicker . . . . at one month old . . . . sleeps through the night!

I keep pinching myself. Is this kid for real?

Yes, yes he is.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Four months later . . .

Four months have passed and no blogging.

Why do I let myself get so behind?

I think back to four months ago and what was going on in our life and fast forward to now and it feels like it was more then just four months. So much has happened. So much has changed. So much is different, and so much has been learned.

First let's talk about the girls. That is what everyone wants to to hear about anyway. (I'm right, huh?)
The girls are TWO! Can you believe it? Already! I can't believe my babies are so big. They are the cutest little things ever! I'm not biased, just relaying the quote I hear from people everywhere we go.

They love to make messes, to read, and to play. They love Mickey and Minnie Mouse and have even found a liking for Dora. (they have never watched a show, only read the books, I really have no clue where it comes from) They LOVE french fries (no judging) but will eat lots of cauliflower, broccoli, and even squash. They have really enjoyed the pool this year and I can say this season has been much easier on me because they aren't trying to go under water as much as they were last year. (yes, I have two eyes but they face the same way. Two babies + water + walking in different directions = lots of swallowed water) 

They both bring me the biggest smiles and the biggest headaches. They are definitely two! A few months back my Mother-in-law and I were at Home Depot. I was shopping for a new front door and while I was putting in my order with the sales man my mother-in-law was entertaining the girls. They were not having it! We were there for almost an hour and the snacks we brought were out! My mother-in-law finally came up with an idea and they spent the better part of almost 45 minutes walking up to each and every display door and knocking. Thank goodness she was there to help! We thought it was cute and even people walking by said that the girls were adorable (which they are when they are not screaming) and they brought a smile to our faces. The next morning when we woke up I was laying in bed waiting to hear the tell-tell signs that the girls were up. Instead of the cute giggles that I used to hear come from the room, I heard a lite knocking. Cory turns to me and says "Are they knocking on their door to come out?" Every morning since we have been greeted with knocking. Polite, cute, tiny little knuckles of knocking.

Oh my goodness this girl!!! She cracks me up! She is so funny. First of all, I have never seen someone so klutzy in all my life. Not only has she tripped four times, on nothing trying to make it across the living room, but one day after putting them down for their nap I spent the greater part of their nap cleaning. I cleaned, vacuumed, mopped every room in the house! I picked up every toy, pushed in every chair, and put everything where it belonged. There was not a thing out of place. After taking on such an endeavor I kicked off my shoes, put up my feet and rested. I only got about 7 minutes before hearing the knocking on the door which told me they were up. They were happy to see me when I opened to door and came sprinting out of the room, running through the hall, turning around the dining table, straight through to the family room and then Pepper tripped on the ONLY thing on the floor. My shoes. I could not stop myself from laughing. What a klutz!

Oh my princess Iz! She is one of the most picky people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I'm sure she hates me some days because I am not that mom. I do not cut the crust off and what I serve for dinner is what we are eating. If you don't like it you can go to bed hungry, and I'm sure she has! Don't worry! I finally found something that I was willing to give her complete control over: she is now the official clothes picker-outer. Did I mention that was for the whole family? She has no problem telling me or Cory what we are to wear that day. She picks out my pants, my shirt and my shoes almost everyday! And dare I try to get away with not wearing a bra that day, she is there setting me straight, holding my bra, saying "no, momma. Bra". (lol) There have been many occasions where we have been brought the shoes we are to be wearing! She loves to bring out Cory's boots (each weighs 10 pounds or so), she has to bring them one at a time because they weigh so much. Not only will she set them in front of Cory, but if he does not start putting them on, she will point to the inside of the boot and say "gos, on" (it goes on right here, daddy) So, now-a-days I guess if you see any of us and you like what we are wearing you will have to send the complement Izzy's way.

Cory is doing great! He got a wonderful new job with Valley Metro and is loving it. He is the boss now! He still loves his motorcycle and although he doesn't have as much time to ride it as he used to (I can't imagine why) He still plans and takes little trips up north. He has also started a side business were he takes people's old photo, videos, papers, movies, ext, and converts them to a digital format. He is really enjoying it and it was a wonderful excuse for him to buy out the electronic store! I still have no clue how he talked me into it!

I have been really enjoying being a mom. I've thrown myself into it full force and love the joy I get from watching my girls learn and grow. Yes, they test me (daily) and yes, they scream and cry, but they also give me the biggest hugs and the softest kisses. They love to play with me, and there have been many times a little hand has pulled me away from what I'm doing because they just want to sit with their mommy, read a book with me, or snuggle with me. My girls are definitely my world. I am busy and keeping up a blog is not always in the cards. But at least I got one in. At this point in time I am trying to eat more healthy and for once and all drop the diet coke! So many things have happened to me in the last few days and what I am always left with is a feeling of graduate. I am thankful for the people who love me and family I have. Life is not always easy, but that was never the point. I can't always have an easy life but I can always have a happy one.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

I hope every one's  V-day was as good as mine.
First of all, Cory and I don't do anything for Valentines Day. (my rule) I don't think that the one you love should have to show you they love you on any particular day. I tell Cory to pick a day sometime during the year and do something nice for me. That way I am surprised and feel more loved then if he was forced to do it because of what day it was.
However, for the rest of my family it is just another fun reason to spoil my girls!

Bright and early the girls and I got up. I had signed us up for a Valentine day party at the A.M.Y. and so we left the house at 8am to start our fun day! 
Aunt Kari had brought by some yummy animal crackers the night before and I grabbed those as we ran out the door because I had no clue how long the line for breakfast was going to be and if the girls would need something to hold them through.
Izzy could not fit them into her mouth fast enough!!! I think she had 4 or 5 in there when I got this photo.
The girls loved their breakfast and ate very well, considering they just finished a whole box of animal crackers.

They ended up eating a whole banana each and I went back for more muffins. Sometimes I have no clue where they put all this food.
After a great meal the girls and I spent some time playing . . .

There were so many kids there but the girls didn't seem to mind. We go there often enough now that I think they feel comfortable to play without worry. When we went in for story time it was packed! Normal my girls can't stand to be packed into a room (something to do with being in a belly for 9months and having to share that tiny room) But today they loved it! Especially when Curious George showed up!

Next, we went and did cookie decorating. I don't know what I was thinking? The girls had fun, but I spent the next hour cleaning frosting off of all three of us.

They even had balloon making there and the girls got flower balloons with a heart for a flower. Super cute. They ran around the building waving their balloons everywhere.

Before we left we went outside and they had a firetruck there. I had no clue the girls would be so in love with a real live firetruck. I mean, I could have laid down and taken a nap and they would probably still be just staring at it.
Luckily, I finally got them to turn away from the firetruck and we we able to load up in the car and head home for lunch. Heart shaped sandwiches and carrots. They got to eat their banana sugar cookies that they frosted earlier too. Before they went down for their nap I gave them the presents from Cory and me.

Which they loved!, and now ask to be tucked into every nap and bedtime.
But that's not all . . . 
After Grandma Karla and Aunt Kacee got off work they came over with a real treat. I'll just let the pictures explain . . . . .

Oh my goodness. Can you say spoiled?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Super Sick Monday

We have been really lucky in our house staying away from all sickness that have been passed around everywhere. In fact, I think I can only remember two other times where they were sick. Like I said, we are really lucky. We have stayed away from all the colds and stomach flu, but yesterday my girls came down with high fevers. This was what my Monday looked like . . . 

They crawled into bed with mommy and we watched Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day. We snuggled in bed together and they each took turns laying in my lap. I gave them hugs and kisses and lapped it up as much as I could. I was really proud of them too, they ate all the good and healthy food I made for them. (I couldn't get them to eat any of it today, of course)
By their nap time they were tired and ready to go back to sleep, so I brought them into bed, made sure that they drank more water before putting them down, gave them some medication to help bring down the fever, and then gave them kisses and hugs.
I went out into the family room to began my nap time routine. BUT, there were no toys to clean up! There were no messes, no thrown food, no spilled juice or milk, no drawers were emptied, and no surprises behind the couch. You would think that I would be thrilled, but I was sad. I felt so bad for my girls. They didn't get to be kids today because they were sick. They didn't get to play and make messes either. They didn't do anything!
Luckily, by about 3pm that afternoon the fevers broke and they began to be my kids again.
And today was crazy! I had two very whiny, very cranky girls on my hands. They made messes. They pulled out every . . . single . . . . toy. They found new drawers to empty, and at lunch they found new places to hide their food. (insert rolling of eyes here) I had no clue the house could be this messy and loud! And yet, all day I could not wipe the smile from my face. 
My girls were well again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Child's Ready

So the girls and I signed up for a program called "My Child's Ready". They offer personal visits with a parent educator, parent group meetings, developmental screenings and resources, and group actives with other children in the area. The girls and I have our parent educator come into our home twice a month and help me learn different things I can do with my kids to help them develop and learn. It is super fun and the girls love their parent educator, Emilie.
Today she came by and we worked on colors. I have been trying to point out colors to the girls for the past couple weeks and Pepper can pick out yellow and sometimes purple, while Izzy has Purple down and can sometimes pick out red. However, I can't even get them to say orange. In fact, just the other day I asked Pepper to say orange and she looked me dead in the face and said "No!" Oh well, I'll just have to keep trying. Anyway, we are having a blast and I am loving all the ideas and fun games that Emilie shares with me on how I can help them learn.
About a week ago My Child's Ready had a group activity that we went to and I could not believe how much fun it was.
These first few pictures were when we were waiting in the front lobby. They have toys set up and a train track. There are books and puzzles to play with too. Sometimes I am amazed at how much fun they can have before the fun has even begun.

 They had me put name tags on them so instead of putting them on their front I put them on their backs. I figured they would not mess with them if I put them where they could not reach them. Before you go thinking that was a smart idea and that I should win an award for my mommy smarts, I forgot that even though they could not reach their own name tag, they could still reach each others. (sigh)
 Good thing they had cars, maybe they will forget about the name tags.
 Once we got to go play the girls had so much fun. Izzy liked the station where you could decorate an igloo out of marshmallows. And she didn't even eat one! (Pepper ate a few) And they had a station with clean snow (it was made out of TP), the girls liked it but wanted their hands cleaned right away. Pepper loved the station where you could color with Popsicles, although she might have like the Popsicle the best. And both of the girls loved this station.
 They had blocks of ice that the kids could put rock salt on so that it would melt and then you could put food coloring on it and the coloring would make neat pictures in the ice. We were not the only ones that  played at this table when the girls were done their hands were colored in all kinds of different food colors!
 After the play room we went into the meeting room for snacks and the girls and I read some books. They had bagels that you could decorate like snowman but we never got to the decorating part.
 Sometimes I have no clue how they fit so much in their mouths!
 Anyway, we had so much fun and I am so thankful that we found this group and and can't wait for the next meeting.